Transformation Experience

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User Xperience

Array with research, strategy, and user journeys, we create world-class experiences that entice, captivate, and delight customers.

Our UX design is meticulously prototyped, iteratively refined, and real users tested. This approach helps us to maintain true user centricity throughout the project, ensuring we stay on track, and achieve our goals every time.

UI/UX Design
Advance Visualization

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We create impeccable turnkey solutions for a wide range of business vertical and/or horizontal integration.  We utilize the same tools and techniques common in other development paradigms, also bring in passionate industry experts to produce actionable insight.



We use modern tools and technologies to solve traditional problems in the decision-making space. We use a combination of cost-effective technologies, home grown products, framework to expedite time to value in new implementations and provide personalized insights. We constantly evaluate in every aspect of value-driven analytics deliverables.

Personalized Dashboards
Data-driven Reports
Adhoc Reporting
Alerts / NLP
Spatial Intelligence

Data Engineering

Digital transformation is the driving force behind the modern business success. We produce in-depth analysis focusing on data architecture, data monetization, process optimization, and value-added system. We can’t fix everything in a day — but we can give you comprehensive insight into areas of your company that would benefit from modernization and refactoring.

Data Warehouse
Data Management
Data Centralization
Data Transformation
Data Replication

Artificial Intelligence

We provide AI-Powered Semantic-as-a-Service for your most valuable data, our AI-Augmented engine intelligently identifies, muddle through and optimizes your data treasures. We integrated and simplified your complexity of enormous data and amplify your company’s on-prem/cloud analytics experience.

Augmented Analytics
Predictive &prescriptive Analytics
Text Analytics
Cognitive AR/VR

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Big Data

We construct intelligent enterprise big data infusion with prebuilt value-driven cloud applications, and a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and cloud platform service.

We help organizations securely automate operations, drive innovation, make smarter and besuited decisions.

Data Vault
Data Lake
Structure & UnStructure Data
Data Wrangling

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Meet our partners

Delivering value-added to our clients through trusted, world-renowned partners. Our collaboration and partnership with these companies allow us to provide high-end resources and expertise, fulfilling our mission of innovation through data.


If you are interested in a career at Hexalytics, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our listings below to see our current opportunities or fill out an employee form to share your skills and interests. We are always on the lookout for new talent.


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